GstarCAD 2022 - Νέα Χαρακτηριστικά


In GstarCAD 2022, the plot functionalities improved significantly, making plotting effects more precise and accurate.

In addition, an upgraded raster engine has been integrated and enables more image formats; even 1 billion pixels of images can be correctly attached, previewed, modified, and plotted.

Beyond, GstarCAD 2022 offers a plethora of other new and improved tools to help maximize your productivity.

PDF Plot Driver

When you plot with any options in GstarCAD 2022, the TTF (Truetype fonts) text is output as searchable and editable text with smooth border display, no matter how you set the value of text width factor and oblique angle.

Hyperlinks are retained and remain clickable when plotted to PDF.

Third-party tools can easily read all information of the PDF plotted from GstarCAD 2022, and you are able to search, copy text and add electronic signatures, etc.

Plot with Transparency

The display after plotting with transparency is much more precise and more accurate; the arcs, circles, ellipses, graphics, and text boundaries are smoother. And the drawing information after plotting will not be modified, all kinds of objects can be plotted correctly.


The raster images can be plotted with transparency perfectly in GstarCAD 2022.


The Line Weight and Line Type are displayed correctly after plotting with transparency.


The annotative objects are displayed accurately and in high quality after plotting with transparency in GstarCAD 2022.

Raster Images Plot

Large raster images in different sizes and formats can be previewed and plotted smoothly, in GstarCAD 2022, you are able to plot even 1 billion pixels images.

The plotting speed of 1-Bit and 32-Bit color raster images increases exponentially in GstarCAD 2022.

When you plot a raster image to PDF, the size of the plotted PDF file is greatly reduced, while its original details are fully retained, as well as keeping the high quality of plotting in GstarCAD 2022.


The display after plotting rotated or cropped raster images is more accurate, and images after plotting will not have any offset.


The display after hidden shade plotting is significantly improved, which is much more accurate and clearer than before. And the lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses and other objects after hidden shade plotting now have smoother boundaries.



183 formats are available to be attached in GstarCAD 2022, greatly improving the compatibility of raster images.

You can attach, preview, modify and plot raster images in different formats and sizes, even 1 billion pixels raster image is supported.


In GstarCAD 2022, the effects of brightness, contrast, fade, and highlight modification are more accurate, the display after modification is also becoming better.

And, the display of attached images with transparency is more accurate when the ‘Background transparency’ is set to Yes.


The DIMREASSOCIATE command allows associating or reassociating selected dimensions to objects or points on objects.


The DIMREGEN command allows updating the positions of all associative dimensions in Model space or Layouts.


A new option Polygon(P) has been added to DIMCENTER command, which allows you to mark center of polygons easily.

Stretch Dimension Group

The “Stretch dimension group” option in the dynamic grip menu allows adjusting all dimensions which share grips with each other at once.

DIMLAYER (system variable)

The system variable DIMLAYER specifies a default layer for dimensions, and basic dimensions will be created on that layer automatically instead of creating dimensions on current layer.

ACET Interfaces

There are 351 ACET (AutoCAD Express Tools) interfaces supported in GstarCAD 2022. Now, more AutoCAD Express Tools and ‘Plug-in’ functionalities developed with these interfaces can be operated properly.


In GstarCAD 2022, the fast select command FASTSEL allows selecting all the objects that touch the selected object, including lines, polylines, circles, arcs, attribute definitions, text, Mtext, ellipses, and images. The system variable FSMODE controls two different behaviors of the FASTSEL command.


In GstarCAD 2022, you can select LAYULKALL command to unlock all the locked layers immediately, instead of unlocking them one by one.


In GstarCAD 2022, the CHANGEBASE command allows changing the base point position of a block. You can move the base point and keep objects staying in same position, or move objects and keep base point staying in same position.


The LAYDRAWORDER feature allows rearranging the layers in GstarCAD 2022. You are able to select one or more layers, and bring them to front or send them to back with buttons in ‘Layer Draw Order’ window. You can also change the order of the layers in ‘Layers to Adjust Draw Order’ list conveniently.


In GstarCAD 2022, if the space above the arrows is not enough for dimension text when you place the dimension below or right the objects, the text will be placed downward. In this case, you can use two values of the system variable DIMTOFFSET to set two kinds of gap styles between the arrows and text, one is the same as AutoCAD, the other reduces the gap.

Περισσότερα Προϊόντα

GstarCAD Mechanical


GstarCAD Architecture


DWG FastView


Ευέλικτη αδειοδότηση

Μόνιμη Άδεια

Το GstarCAD είναι διαθέσιμο ως προϊόν "μόνιμης άδειας (perpetual license)". Με την εφάπαξ αγορά του αποκτάτε το διαρκές δικαίωμα χρήσης του λογισμικού για πάντα. Είναι πιο βολικό και πολύ πιο οικονομικό από τις συνδρομές του ACAD.

Λειτουργία Πολλαπλών αδειών

Η λειτουργία αδειοδότησης του GstarCAD είναι διαθέσιμη τόσο με Σειριακό αριθμό όσο και με κλειδί (USB Dongle) . Το καθένα μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί για μεμονωμένη ή/και δικτυακή άδεια. Μπορείτε να επιλέξετε είτε το ένα είτε το άλλο με βάση τις ανάγκες της επιχείρησής σας.

Ευέλικτη πρόσβαση στην αναβάθμιση

Με ένα πολύ μικρό κόστος μπορείτε να αναβαθμίσετε την εφαρμογή στην κάθε νέα έκδοση που κυκολοφορεί ή να συνεχίσετε να χρησιμοποιείτε την ίδια έκδοση για όσο καιρό εσείς επιθυμείτε.

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