GstarCAD Mechanical


Rich drawing standards and full compatibility
with ACM brings about efficient mechanical design and drafting.


Standardized drawing environment

Built-in standards like ISO,DIN,ANSI,JIS,GB,etc. Support easy and flexible configuration and customization, leading to better design communication based on standardized working environment.

DWG-based Collaborative Design Platform

Complete symbol libraries and powerful dimensioning tools make complex drawing annotation easy and simple.

Associative Ballon and parts list, automatic BOM and data management

Smart association between ballon numbers and parts keeps data always accurate and up-to-date, automatically generates BOM and reduces operation errors.

Aboundant standarad parts and symbols, less repeative drawing work

Customizable part and symbol libraries in line with standards simplify building,using and managing user’s own libraries and help to save wokring time.

Detail View

Intelligent Detail View design tools could magnify the partial region by box selection in the drawing and easily create linked partial views with different scales.

Hole Charts

GstarCAD Mechanical supplies associative hole charts. The filter function in tables could help users list holes in different hole charts for optimizing manufacturing process.

Hide Situation

Draws hidden lines to represent hidden edges, when you specify what objects lie in front and what objects lie behind. When you modify objects,they update automatically.

Section Line

Draws a section line and inserts the corresponding section view label in the drawing area.Sets properties for section view styles from section line dialog box.

Fits List

Generates a fits list from the dimensions in the drawing area and places it at a location of your choice.If you add fits, the software attempts to update the fits lists.


Resize a chamfer using the original dialog parameters by simply double-clicking the chamfer.Chamfer and Fillet tools save valuable design time.

Integration Management

Accurate drawing data exchange with PLM/PDM/ERP systems.It will integrate the management of enterprise products.


The Library feature simplifies working with and managing drawing files.All options for the library are available by a right-click in the library dialog box.

Flexible Licensing

Perpetual License

GstarCAD is available as a "perpetually licensed" product. You own the perpetual right to use the purchased license. It is more convenient than ACAD subscriptions.

Multiple Licensing Modes

GstarCAD Licensing Mode is available with both Serial Number and USB Dongle, each could be used for Stand-alone or Network license. You could choose either one based on your business needs.

Flexible Access to Upgrade

You can upgrade your license for every new version or keep using the same version. When you upgrade your license it keeps perpetual license unchanged.

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