GstarCAD Architecture

Instruction files and tutorials are included to help you get the most out of GstarCAD Architecture.

Installation and activation


GstarCAD Architecture 2021

Overview of GstarCAD Architecture 2021

GstarCAD Architecture uses relativistic and parametric building blocks to create construction plans based on custom object technologies. Two-dimensional designs and three-dimensional models are created simultaneously to satisfy not only the demand of the construction plan but also the three-dimensional illustration of the building.

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Flexible Licensing

Perpetual License

GstarCAD is available as a "perpetually licensed" product. You own the perpetual right to use the purchased license. It is more convenient than ACAD subscriptions.

Multiple Licensing Modes

GstarCAD Licensing Mode is available with both Serial Number and USB Dongle, each could be used for Stand-alone or Network license. You could choose either one based on your business needs.

Flexible Access to Upgrade

You can upgrade your license for every new version or keep using the same version. When you upgrade your license it keeps perpetual license unchanged.

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